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Knee & Back Pain

I have known Diane for many years and there's not one time I have gone to her that I didn't leave feeling physically and mentally better. I've had a torn meniscus in which she treated with acupuncture which brought me great relief and more recently trouble with my back. She takes the time to really understand how you’re feeling and what treatment you need. I find the acupuncture released my pain almost immediately. Her office is calming and serene. I would without hesitation recommend Diane and her healing if your troubled with any ache, pain, or just need some overall rejuvenation. I SHALL return.

- Kate​

Eye Pain

I came to see Diane because I had ptosis in my right eye. It was blocking my vision & gave me a great deal of pain, she worked on the outer area of my eye relieving my pain & giving the eye area strength. The acupuncture was just the treatment I needed to allow me to help my eyesight. Feeling pain free & confident her work was top-notch, truly professional. I'd highly recommend going to Diane, as she could be your answer to a pain free life.

- Charlene

Musculoskeletal Pain

I have seen Diane for a few different reasons. I was having trouble with my left knee, later on pain in my left foot and then lower right back/side pain. I also have chronic jaw tightness. She has performed various methods of treatment on me: acupuncture, massage therapy and red light therapy. All of the therapies worked wonders. She creates a very relaxed and comforting atmosphere, listens to your complaints of pain and discomfort with a discerning ear and treats you with a therapeutic and gentle hand. I highly recommend her for what ails you!

- Lisa

Neck & Shoulder Pain

When I first started acupuncture, I was apprehensive about the procedure. Diane's professionalism and calming approach made me feel completely at ease. I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain that would, at times, take over my day. Massage therapy would only ease the pain at the time but it would come right back. My body was like a tightly wound rubber band. Then Diane began acupuncture on me and I got instant relief. I felt like a new person immediately after my first session. Diane knew the source of the problem instantly. I am grateful that I have not had to turn to prescription pain medication because going with the holistic approach of acupuncture is fixing the problem instead of masking the problem. I highly recommend Diane. She has made acupuncture a wonderful experience for me and I look forward to going and enjoying my time for treatments.

- Aimee

Sports Injury & Arthritis

I went to see Dr. Daniels because I had lower back pain as well as shoulder issues from years of sports and work that have haunted me for years. To make things worse I had some arthritis in my neck as well that was acting up.

After my first session I finally had motion in my shoulder again for the first time in a while.  My neck pain eased after the first session and disappeared after the second session. My back pain was gone and I was not waking up crooked anymore.

Needless to say now I am hooked and a grateful patient.

I was always curious about how it would feel and hesitated in the past . But it is pleasant and soothing right from the start and the best part is you actually feel it easing the muscles and addressing the problem almost right away.

The next day I was a little sore but less stressed , less tense and the pain was gone .

I would recommend Diane highly, She is very thorough, Extremely pleasant, soothing and informs you the whole way so you feel more at ease .

- Edgar

Neck & Shoulder Pain

I have been seeing Diane for acupuncture for a few years now . I do this because of my bad neck and shoulder pain over the years and I get so much relief after each appointment. It has also helped me with my anxiety and vertigo.

It definitely is very relaxing and is not painful at all. Diane is so professional and always makes you feel so comfortable. Her work environment is so clean and relaxing and I always leave feeling rejuvenated. I always look forward to seeing her again. I highly recommended booking an appointment with her. 

- Megan

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Diane is absolutely extraordinary and professional!! I started going to Diane for neck and shoulder pain. I get pain so bad in those areas due to my line of work and running around with my kids. I feel immediate release of strain and pain in my shoulders and neck when Diane does acupuncture. I would recommend getting acupuncture done by Diane 100 percent!!!

- Christina

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