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Treatment modalities may include a combination of acupuncture with trigger point release, cupping (suction), moxibustion (heat) or electro-stimulation (e-stim.)

First Visit - All new patients

Consult & Treatment


Best results are achieved when treatments are frequent and consistent.

Aesthetic Acupuncture

Check out the Aesthetic Acupuncture link on top of page for more info!


I do not accept insurance at this time. However, if your insurance provider covers acupuncture treatments, I will be more than happy to provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine, often referred to by its acronym TCM, is the most common form of East Asian medicine taught in North America. TCM uses an analytical diagnostic methodology and is very well suited to the practice of internal medicine.

Acupuncture Physical Medicine  (APM)

Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM) is a modern approach to acupuncture that combines classics-based French-meridian acupuncture with Western physical medicine techniques, most notably trigger point needling.

Kiik0-Matsumoto Style


KM style has developed over the past thirty years that involves a palpation sequence in which specific active reflexes suggest the underlying diagnosis, and the efficacy of treatment is gauged by changes in these same reflexes.


What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a medicine system with its roots in China. It has been used for centuries to help pain, illness, and injury, as well as to maintain overall health. Science tells us that our bodies use electrical energy to keep our hearts beating and our neurons firing. Chinese medicine refers to that same energy as "Qi" (pronounced "chee".) Acupuncture uses specific points on the body to help ensure the free flow of this qi, as well as blood and other fluids, which helps our bodies facilitate it's own natural ability for healing.

Does acupuncture hurt?

This is probably the #1 one question asked regarding acupuncture. Generally, acupuncture does not hurt. Some patients do experience a mild pinching sensation as the needle is inserted that resolves quickly. Acupuncture needles are solid and much smaller than traditional needles used for injections, about the thickness of a cat whisker!

Most patients describe a "heavy" or "warm" sensation at the needle site.

What does acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture can treat many conditions, ranging from recent injuries to long-standing pain and illness.

Common conditions include:

- allergies

- anxiety/depression

- arthritis/joint pain

- colds & flu

- fatigue

- gastrointestinal (GI) issue

- headache/migranes

- musculoskeletal pain

- PMS symptoms

- side effects of medication or chemotherapy

- sports injuries

- stress

How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments varies from individual depending on your condition. But generally speaking the more acupuncture you receive, the better the outcome.  A good standard for most conditions is complete one course of ten treatments with a month. 

For those serious about recovery, frequency of treatments is the key to achieving optimal health & lasting effects of acupuncture.


How to prepare for your first acupuncture treatment...

First things first...

     To optimize your treatment, please make sure you eat a least 2 hour before your scheduled appointment.   Arriving to your appointment on an empty stomach can leave you feeling light-headed or physically depleted after your treatment.  Acupuncture works to get your body into a parasympathetic state, in other words, your rest & digest state.  Coffee and stimulants inhibit this process and should also be avoided prior to treatment as both raise your heart rate.  If this is your first acupuncture treatment, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment so that you have ample time to relax and fill out the required paperwork: Intake Form (Health history), Consent Form & HIPAA Agreement.   Links to print out the Intake Form can be found on the "Forms" page for your convenience.

Consultation & Treatment

     Your acupuncture treatment will start with us discussing and reviewing your intake form.  I will be asking questions along the way, some may seem unrelated. For example asking the quality of your bowel movements when you came in for back pain or your psychological state when you came in for menstrual problems but acupuncture treats the person as a whole and not just the symptoms.  The information gleaned from the consultation is essential for developing a diagnosis and creating a treatment plan that meets your individual needs. Go with it and answer questions honestly. Other diagnostic tools may come from looking at your tongue, taking your pulse and palpating your abdomen, muscles, meridian pathways or specific acupuncture points.  This individualization of the treatments is one of the strong points of Chinese medicine. It is why people may experience broad changes within themselves after receiving acupuncture for a specific complaint. It also means that the treatments can be modified over time if they are not proving effective.

     Next, we will begin the treatment with the acupuncture needles. Let's discuss the needles since it is usually the #1 concern for newbies to acupuncture.  They are sterile and disposable, one-time use.  Since they are hair-thin and flexible, it should be painless.  You might experience some sensations such as warmth, a dull ache or a heavy feeling at the needle site which indicates the arrival of "qi.".  I will be asking for feedback and encouraging you to share any sensations that you may encounter.  Overall, most patients report feeling very relaxed and its common to fall asleep. 

You​r acupuncture treatment


Get the most out of your treatment...

     Be good to yourself.  Rest.  By this I mean, go-easy.  If you plan on working out, do a lighter routine.  Hydrate to flush out any toxins that the acupuncture treatment may have released.  Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they can be dehydrating to the body.  Acupuncture also brings you into a place of balance so avoid over-stimulating activities, believe it or not even watching TV is considered over-stimulating: ads, noise, etc.  You want to extend that state of acu-bliss!  Since acupuncture brings the toxins out, avoid putting them back into your body by eating nourishing and healthy foods.  Finally, keep warm as heat promotes healing.

Your Initial Consultation is Free. Come meet us in person and learn more

Special Note for COVID: If you are not comfortable coming into the office for your free consultation, we are happy to do via Zoom.  

Simply let us know your preference when scheduling it.

Or just call 631-255-9970 and we'll be happy to answer your questions!

*Individual results may vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors. (full disclaimer)

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